Date: February 17, 2023
Place: virtual meeting via Webex
Host institution: SRDA

 The 7th meeting of the Network of Asian Social Science Data Archive (NASSDA) was held online via Webex on February 17, 2023.

 First, Dr. Pei-shan Liao from SRDA gave us an opening remark and expressed a welcome to each institution for joining this online meeting. 

 Dr. Steven McEachern (Director and Manager of the ADA)presented on Social science data archiving and research infrastructure in Australia – ADA and national HASS infrastructure, followed by a comment from Dr. Jonathan Crabtree (Director for RDIS).

 Then, each archive reported the recent activities. 

An Overview of Annual Progress in 2022 of the Chinese National Survey Data Archive (reported by Dr. Weidong Wang, CNSDA/Renmin University of China)

・Overview of KOSSDA 2022 (reported by Dr. Won-ho Park, KOSSDA/ Seoul National University)

Overview of recent activities at the CSRDA and the Social Science Japan Data Archive (SSJDA) (reported by Dr. Shuai Wang, SSJDA/ The University of Tokyo)

Survey Research Data Archive: Progress in 2022 and Plants for 2023 (reported by Dr. Pei-shan Liao, SRDA/ Academia Sinica, Taiwan)


 Finally, we exchanged ideas and discussed the next NASSDA meeting.