Date: June 28, 2018
Place: Faculty Club, Seoul National University, Korea
Host institution: KOSSDA

 The 3rd meeting of the Network of Asian Social Science Data Archive (NASSDA) was held at Seoul National University in Korea on June 28, 2018.

 First of all, we discussed ways to collaborate as below.

・MoU for collaboration is needed.

・Banner exchange(Add banner link to each member archive’s web page.)

・Designing NASSDA web page using google sites

・‘Supporting channel for international users’ and ‘research collaboration’ need some precondition to carry out.

 We also had discussion on governance and future membership. Appointing the Secretariat, we talked about each member’s roles.

・Appointment of secretariat

    SRDA (Hsiao-fen Huang), SSJDA (Keisuke Kawata), KOSSDA (Hearan Koo), CNSDA (TBD)

 Finally, we exchanged opinions about other issues for collaboration such as utilization of NESSTAR, Data Identification Format, Data Fair / educational program (methodology class).